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Real Vamp community

Real vampire community
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General information
Drop the book, turn off the movie--we're not like that at all.

Don't come in trying to flame us, we're human too--just like you. We can't fly, we're not immortal, we don't have fangs, we can't "turn" people, and it's not even about blood. We lack energy so we seek it out in different ways.

This community is easy going, anti-judgmental, and is for ALL vampires and like-minded people. Differences in opinion are accepted here - and respected. With that in mind, also take note that the members in this community are intelligent people and that we're not gullible. If you're an idiot and you somehow manage to slip passed our screening process unnoticed we will eventually find you. We have the mental capacity to separate fiction from non-fiction, so don't think you'll get anything passed us. ;)

Only a couple rules..
1) Any nonsense posts or comments about being immortal, asking to be "turned", etc will be deleted.
2) This is not a roleplaying community. However fun dressing in a cape may be, this isn't the community for that.
3) If you're trying to have an intelligent argument, do NOT delete comments. This is not your personal journal, this is a community.
4) As a general rule you must be 18 years of age to join this community unless you prove to me (Deathy) or Pink Spider that you're mature enough otherwise.
5) No stupid teenage "goth" poetry or childish crap.

- I'm not an uptight community administrator, you can argue and fight all you want. I won't warn or ban you for that.
- Real Vamp is here at livejournal to provide information and support to those who need it. We are not here to defend our existence..because we'll still be here whether you believe it or not.

Owner(Deathy) is founder of the old AVC(no longer active, she is too busy) and maintains vampirecommunity.com. She doesn't post often, but she's always watching.