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Hello everyone

 Hello everyone.
My name is Kaos.
I'm eighteen years of age.
I'm new to this community.

I recently found out I'm a bloodsucker.
A cross between a Demon and a Vampire.
My one friend is a Wolf child
My other friend is a Psychic.

They knew from the minute they met me.
I'm not human.
My psychic friend knew me for about three years
and my Wolf child friend just met me this year.

since I turned eighteen, I've been having blood carvings.
I used to drink my own blood before I even knew because I liked the taste and it helped my headaches.

I haven't had human blood before last weekend when my best friend said she'd be my donor.
She cut herself and I drank her blood.
I still feel bad about it honestly
because I hate what I am.

I also have hunters after me now.
One tried to kill me a couple years ago.
I kept seeing this woman in a long cloak.
I paid no attention to it until I felt like something stabbed into my back.
I couldn't breathe, I ran upstairs to my Mother and told her what was happening.
She didn't believe me.

To this day.
My insides hurt from whatever that hunter did to me.
I worry now I might be killed because of what I am.
But I'm ready to fight them.

Have any of you other Vampires ever ran into hunters?
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